The Mod Miss Jewelry journey began in 2014 and it has taken us on an amazing ride. Our owner & lead designer, Misty Ullrich, started making jewelry in her home as a creative outlet. Misty has always had a creative streak and wanted share that gift by creating pieces that were affordable and made women feel beautiful. What began as a simple endeavour for family and friends quickly grew to requests from individuals and boutique owners nationwide.

Today, each piece in our collection is designed by Misty and handmade by her team of dedicated jewelry artisans. The design, assembly and shipping of our pieces are all done from our studio and showroom located in Paris, Arkansas.

We take great pride in our process and believe in creating quality, unique pieces that fit your everyday style. Our aim is to make our designs both trendy and comfortable for everyday wear. We love making women beautiful by accenting their personal style.


Our Story

Mod Miss Jewelry started as a dream to provide extra income for my family. I started hand stamping jewelry in a small room of my home. As the business grew, I wanted to keep up with the trends and offer good quality affordable jewelry to retail stores. In 2016 the business exploded as we were able to sell our jewelry to retail stores across the United States. 

We quickly out grew the small extra room in my home. In June 2018 we purchased a building which allowed a larger workspace and the ability to grow our brand. Little did we know God was growing our hearts too. 

The explosive growth increased our need for additional employees. I always seek the Lord when making decisions so I asked the Lord to provide me with an employee who would be the the perfect fit. During this process, I hired a lady who has quickly become more than an employee but a friend. Her backstory is incredible. She spent 25+ years addicted to drugs & suffered much loss due to her addiction. She was radically delivered from her addiction & has became a pioneer in our community for helping others find freedom.

After working with her for several weeks my eyes were opened to a whole new world. As she shared stories about her life, I realized how sheltered my life has been. The cycle of drug addiction takes away family, jobs, income and hope. Many who have become addicted have also made other choices that have led to felony charges. Those with felonies have a very difficult time getting a job even after they overcome their addiction. Hopelessness is often the result of the inability to get a job and provide for their family. Hopelessness contributes to the cycle of addiction & makes it incredibly difficult for individuals to maintain freedom. 

My heart was captivated and I was awakened to a new purpose in life. Now, our little jewelry shop is a mission. We have become a place where troubled women can receive help. If one of our ladies get a text saying “please pray for me I'm struggling hard”, we stop to pray and sometimes go pick them up and bring them to the shop because they literally have no where to go. We are there to talk, provide food and love these women who need encouragement or simply just need friendship. 

As our brand grows, our goal is to provide more employment opportunities for women struggling to get back on their feet. Our jewelry makes women feel beautiful but our ultimate goal is to see as many women as possible restored to true beauty within.